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Classic Case

Dr. Technology provides full-chain service of sci-tech achievements transformation for high-level talents, colleges, universities, enterprises, governments and industries.

Shenzhen Ecological Data Application Platform of Internationa

Shenzhen Ecological Data Application Platform of Internationa

Regional Innovation Support System

Nanchang Dr. Xin (International) Industrial Innovation Comple

Nanchang Dr. Xin (International) Industrial Innovation Comple

Industrial Innovation Complex





  • Governmental Agencies
  • Colleges And Universities
  • Enterprise Brands
  • Service Agencies
Shenzhen Ecological Data Application Platform of Internationa


Regional Innovation Support System is an intelligent system for regional governments to aim at solutions to five aspects: Industrial data clutter, invalid data, data update, design of data application scenario and data sharing. The main functions are innovative background research, innovative element management, innovative subject incremental promotion, innovative ecological empowerment.

The system was launched in 2019 and has been used in Shenzhen, Changsha, Suzhou, Shaoxing and other places. So far, it has covered 33 industrial chains, 665 industrial parks, 2,963 effective technical requirements, 10,352 industrial resource achievements, talent resources with 28,028 expert member and 6,280 million technical contract registration amount.

Service Cases

Shenzhen Ecological Data Application Platform of International Innovation and Entrepreneurship, led by Shenzhen Association for Science and Technology, focuses on the six core elements of Shenzhen's industries, enterprises, parks, talents, policies and service agencies. By using the multi-channel and multi-mode data collection and monitoring tools and services developed by Dr. Technology, the government will be provided with service functions such as industrial map, talent map, park operation monitoring, accurate analysis on enterprises, enterprise hierarchical management, investment promotion management, simulated policy formulation, etc., which will help find out the industrial background of Shenzhen, realize the refinement of innovation management and empower the upgrading of regional industries.

Service Effects

The first phase of Shenzhen Ecological Data Application Platform of International Innovation and Entrepreneurship has served: (1) 16 industries; (2) 17,000 enterprises; (3) 32 parks; (4) 150 talents; (5) All policies of urban departments at two levels (updating); (6) 8 service agencies; (7) 15 colleges and universities; (8) 14 capital institutions.

Nanchang Dr. Xin (International) Industrial Innovation Comple


Located in Xinjian District, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, covering an area of 48 mu with a building area of 120,000 ㎡, the complex introduced the leading enterprises in the whole industry chain of VR at home and abroad, to support and develop VR industry that Jiangxi focuses on. Through the effective pattern of "Leading Enterprises + Industrial Platform + Innovative Industrial Service", the complex will lead the innovation and development of industrial clusters; promote the effective integration of various innovative resources; promote the high-quality transformation, incubation and industrialization of sci-tech achievements; and drive the upgrading and transformation of traditional industries, thereby enhancing the innovation capability and core competitiveness of Nanchang and even Jiangxi Province.

Service Content

(1) Gather high-end resources of the industry to give full play to the advantages of Dr. Technology on industrial accumulation, achievement transformation, sci-tech innovation, financial capital, etc. Actively attract and promote the implementation of sci-tech talent projects at home and abroad as well as the landing of the upstream and downstream affiliated enterprises of the industrial chain;
(2) Build an industrial public service platform, carry out research on common key technologies, research on platform operation mode, formulate specifications of industrial application support service, etc., and promote the transformation of technical achievements in the whole industry;
(3) Build a comprehensive sci-tech service platform, which integrates IP service, technology transfer, sci-tech finance, inspection and testing, talent introduction, strategic consultation and entrepreneurship incubation to help accelerate the development of the project.

Service Effects

So far, the industrial carrier has been completed and officially put into use, and many outcomes have been achieved (e.g. the service system has been set up); more than 10 medium- and large-scale innovation activities are held every year to create a good innovation atmosphere; Dr. Technology is one of the founders of VR Alliance, with more than 150 Alliance members, some of which have had the intention of landing.



2019年,在博士科技的大力促成下bob官方网站 - 首页!,廣州奧翼電子科技股份有限公司(下稱“廣州奧翼”)與2010年諾貝爾物理學獎安德烈·海姆教授正式建立合作關系。

安德烈·海姆教授在石墨烯領域影響力巨大,曾獲科普利獎章、尼爾斯波爾獎章bob官方网站 - 首页!、歐洲物理獎等多個全球頂尖物理獎項,并在2010年與康斯坦丁·諾沃肖洛夫教授共同獲得諾貝爾物理學獎bob官方网站 - 首页!。習近平總書記曾于2015年專程拜訪了海姆教授并參觀了他領導的曼徹斯特大學石墨烯超凈實驗室。

廣州奧翼是全球兩家電子紙顯示器供應商之一bob官方网站 - 首页!,從事薄膜電泳顯示器的設計bob官方网站 - 首页!、開發、制造和銷售。2016研發出了全球首款石墨烯電子紙,并且憑借該技術榮獲國家級科技獎勵鐘南山科技創新獎的金獎。隨后又成功研發出高性能的石墨烯導熱材料bob官方网站 - 首页!,并且牽頭成立了廣州石墨烯產業技術創新聯盟,聯合國家石墨烯產品質量監督檢驗中心共建實驗室,因此獲得了海姆教授的關注。


(1)需求挖掘:利用博士云資源庫bob官方网站 - 首页!,匹配甄選相關領域的技術合作需求bob官方网站 - 首页!,走訪溝通合作意向。
(2)企業走訪:博士科技工作人員陪同安德烈·海姆教授參訪廣州奧翼研究院,與廣州奧翼總經理、奧翼研究院院長陳宇博士會面bob官方网站 - 首页!。


安德烈·海姆教授與廣州奧翼簽約成功,受聘為廣州奧翼首席科學家,并將會在現有的研究基礎上,加大力度推進石墨烯應用技術發展,加速科技成果產業化bob官方网站 - 首页!。

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